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Her parents knew nothing. For three months, Albina Shyti hid that she starred in the ' X Factor '.

He never cries. But when Rrahman Shyti opened the door to the living room, he couldn't do anything. The tears were rolling down the chees when he saw his daughter surrounded by balloons, flags, and happy girlfriends.

Albina stood with a large sign in the arms. On it stood ' X Factor '.

For three months, the 20-year-old ' X factor' participant had kept it secret for his parents that she had sung further in the program several times.

Rrahman and Sadije Shyti therefore did not understand at all that their daughter had already moved on from the initial precastings and the first audition in front of the judges.

-I had to put them down and say, "Mom and Dad, I've been going for three months."

Bad Conscience

Albina had until then lied to keep the ' X factor' participation hidden. Among other things, she had never told her parents the whole truth about why in September she came home from a trip to Japan ahead of time.

It was so great a surprise to me as a father, because she has fought very

Rrahman Shyti, father of Albina

She also did not tell her that she drove from the home town of Padborg to an island day with Anker star in Copenhagen in her father's car. He thought she was going to Aarhus to visit some girlfriends.

-I had such a bad conscience, "says Albina, who also calls himself Albi. But she was determined to surprise her parents.

The anchor star had to concentrate on not falling in love when Albina appeared at the year's ' X factor' audition. With his own guitar and big, beautiful eyes, she won the judges ' hearts. Video: Kasper søby Jensen

A great day

The music has always been her big dream, and last year she said to the café she was working on in her sabbatius year after high school. Not because she had to go to university, but because she wanted to give the music full focus.

However, her parents had not figured out that their daughter had thrown themselves into the ' X Factor '. They first got the news a little week after Albina herself had been told that she had passed on to the 5 Chair Challenge.

Albina celebrates his place in ' X Factor ' with his parents and two girlfriends.Albina celebrates his place in ' X Factor ' with his parents and two girlfriends. Photo: Private photo

She had made sure they were both at home and prepared balloons and flags in her room. She then assembled her mother and father to tell them that she wanted to go out into the world and gave them five minutes to turn the idea together before they met her in the living room.

In the few minutes, she and two girlfriends stood up, while the younger brother of Albinas was ready to film when the parents came in through the door. When it happened, they saw their daughter cheer with the ' X factor' sign in their arms.

Square to 16x9

I can't forget that day. Never in my life. It was so great a surprise to me as a father, because she has fought a lot, it sounds from Rrahman Shyti, and Albinas's mother agrees.

-Albina was born with talent, and she has worked hard for the music and really loves it with all her heart. And so do we, so it is the best thing that has happened that she has come so far in ' X Factor ', says Sadije Shyti.

Not expecting father's tears

Both Rraman and Sadije Shyti have been in the band together in Kosovo. That's why it's not just Albah's dream to live off the music.

Her parents have had the same dream and fully support their daughter, "says Albi. However, she did not expect to see her father cry.

-It struck right in the heart. But I think it affects them so much because they so want me to live my dream, she says.

-They say to me, "if this is what you want, you're going to have to work hard for it, but then it's the only way to go and not think of anything else."

And it was a few proud parents who were finally allowed to see their daughter in ' X Factor ' when she went on stage to the 5 Chair Challenge ' Back in November, when filming was made.

-It is unbelievable and exciting, it sounded then from Sadije Shyti.

Working hard in silence

The mother thinks it has helped albina that neither she nor her husband knew anything about the daughter's ' X factor' adventure.

-we would, of course, help her, but maybe we would do the opposite. Maybe we would confuse her.

Albinas's parents were in to cheer for their daughter for the 5 Chair Challenge of the year, which was recorded in Sven Borg in November.Albinas's parents were in to cheer for their daughter for the 5 Chair Challenge of the year, which was recorded in Sven Borg in November. Photo: TV 2

Albah's sister, Doruntina Shyti, agrees. And it never surprises her that her sister chose to keep the ' X Factor ' secret for so long.

Albina is the type. When she has a goal, she doesn't say it to people. Then she works hard in silence, and then she explodes afterwards. That's what she does. Always, says Doruntina.

Watch Albina on stage for 5 Chair Challenge Friday at 20 o'clock on TV 2 or TV 2 PLAY.

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