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Nordic TV
Boxes over the Internet connect to the Web and allow you to broadcast live
programs. Likewise, browse popular websites and access outreach TV
such as BBC iplayer. Effectively
They convert your standard TV into a smart TV.

There are many
Free TV boxes available, such as the brand Apple, Sky and Roku, however the
Technology is practically new. Currently, most of these Internet TV boxes only
Serve one function. Which means you still need a separate means to access digital
As a pay TV or a free personal TV video recorder.

To help you
With your purchase decision, we have created a customized tool to make your
Choices as clear as possible. Nordic Internet TV boxes connect to your
TV, but they also require Internet access to work. Most use Wi-Fi, but some can
Also support an Ethernet cable if you prefer a wired connection.

You will need a
Decent broadband connection to make sure that the Tran transmitted programs are
Fluid Most manufacturers recommend speeds of around 3mbps for standard
Definition content.

For HD Broadcast, you'll need broadband speeds close to
5 Mbps, as well as a HD-ready TV. If you are a true technophile and you are
Looking to transmit in 4k, you will need a very good Internet connection:
Between 15 and 25 Mbps is what we would recommend (in addition to a 4k TV, of
The course).

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