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Marvel's Black Panther just made Oscars history as the first superhero movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Fans of the film have long argued that Black Panther deserves to be taken more seriously than its predecessors in on-screen superheroism by awards season voters, given the heightened quality of the pic and its story as well as the fact that the movie broke through so many Barriers to champion a mostly blackcast of actors and slate of talent behind the lens.

Indeed, it looks like the Academy did not freeze, as the movie will UFSC for the Oscars ' top honor.

Can Black Panther Win Best Picture at the Oscars?

The Ryan Coogler-directed movie was also nominated for Best Original Score, Best original Song ("All the Stars"), best Costume Design, sound Mixing, sound Editing and Production Design.

Meanwhile, Avengers: Infinity War was recognized in the more traditional category for movies of its ilk, with a nod for Visual Effects — for which, perhaps surprisingly, Black Panther was not nominated.

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Judging by the massive box office take the movie enjoyed in its theatrical run, everyone has already seen Black Panther at least twice, but if you're in the mood to celebrate the ascent of Wakanda into prime time Oscars territory today, the movie is available for Streaming right now on Netflix.

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