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Displayed name Standardized name Description Source Size Small Medium Big Tile Background Logo Aspect Ratio 16:9 3:2 4:3 1.85:1 2,39:1 Audio Track Subtitles track EPG Country EPG Time Shifting catch up catch up Days How can I upload my own playlist into SS IPTV?

In order to upload your own playlist, you need to generate Connection Code in SS IPTV settings and enter it on this page above

Do I need to generate Connection Code every time I upload my playlist?

No, playlist Editor keeps connection with your device untill you disconnect it on this page or in SS IPTV on device's page

How can I change items ' postions in my playlists?

Just Drag the item on the any position you want using Drag'n'drop faeture

How can I change items ' size and background in the app?

You can do that using Item's options. Press Pencil button near the item you want to change and select Item's size and background. You can also define there many other options as Logo URL, Standardized Name, Audio Track etc. The certain list of Item's options depends on its type.

What is the difference between Displayed name and stadardized name?

Displayed Name will be shown on the screen in SS IPTV (if Use custom channels ' titles option is turned on in app's settings). Standardized Name defines channel's logo and EPG (if available), it also will be displayed in the app if the option Use custom channels ' titles is turned off.

Why I cannot add any item on Broadcast tab?

SS IPTV scans the channels tuned on your TV automatically if this option is available for apps on your device. On Broadcast tab You can arrange scaned channels: Define items ' sizes, positions, Standardized Names etc

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