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The expanse's newest season will be arriving at its new home sooner than later.

Amazon Prime Video has announced that the show's third season will become available to streamers around the world starting Friday, Feb. 8, and Seasons 1 and 2 will also finally be available to international audiences the same day. Season 3 aired on Syfy from April to June last year.

The service also confirmed that the show's fourth season will be debuting on Prime Video some time in 2019.

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Amazon rescued the expanse from cancellation, after Syfy shuttered the show in 2018, with The Company's CEO Jeff Bezos himself announcing The news. "I was telling [the cast and crew] we were working hard at Amazon to save the expanse, but it wasn't a done deal yet, and during dinner 10 minutes ago, I just got word that the expanse is saved," he said at a National Space Society event in May , 2018.

The expanse is seen in the future, at a time when humans have colonized the solar system and are divided into camps between Earth, Mars and the Belt. The show is celebrated for its unique architecture and dramatic arcs which help it to transcend prototypical sci-fi danger.

The Expanse's first two seasons are currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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