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is interesting to use the TV Box
As with them you can get to much easier viewing of any TV channel through
Internet services, however, this type of boxes have their own TV restrictions
It is essential that before buying them you know a little more about these.

Start the TV box work with the
Internet service so you need a broadband Internet if you want to appreciate
Decent transmission without loss of information, on the other hand you should
Know that these require a configuration of your VPN to be used to thoroughness
In Spain.

A little more about that TV BOX...

VPN setting is a simple matter, it is like changing it to any
Electronic device, however, you should know that you will require a VPN server
To be able to use all the services that the TV box can offer, this because the services of the TV box are configured in most cases to
The country of origin and thereby block access from anywhere else in the world.

The TV box you can access in a much
More efficient way all the programming you had in your country, for example,
There are people who have a Netflix account in the United Kingdom and when they
Arrive in Spain they do not have access to it, in those cases TV box becomes your main ally, because
Thanks to this it is possible to access your account abroad by changing the VPN
Record of the TV box and your PC.

is important to bear in mind that it is necessary to change the VPN of the TV BOX and the device from which you
is accessing, because if it is not done
You will not be able to access the programming and your Internet server will
probably apply blocks.

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