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After spending the first half of the season leaving us with question after question, Legacies finally got down to business and started answering a few of them this week. And holy crap, who knew Landon’s (Aria Shahghasemi) heritage was going to be such a whirlwind?

Thursday’s episode saw Landon finally meet the mother who gave him up for adoption, Selah. It seemed like a potentially sweet reunion up until she drugged him, tied him up and threatened to burn him with her iron if he didn’t confess to who he really was. Parents suck sometimes, am I right? After a slimy monster turned up to try to eat him though, Landon and his paranoid mama took off to the nearest motel (because even though The Vampire Diaries has ended, motels are still the go-to place to lay low from supernatural evil).

Once there, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Alaric (Matthew Davis) managed to catch up with them, and Selah told them her whole sordid history. After leaving the military, she was an obvious recruit for a U.S.-based intelligence agency that employed her to hunt down misbehaving monsters and throw them into a black, gooey portal to Malivore. She even spent some time in Malivore herself — though she doesn’t remember any of it, obviously. It turns out, she got pregnant in Malivore, meaning Landon is almost definitely half-monster. But what kind of monster, you ask? That’s still to be determined, but considering he’s proving to be more of a danger magnet than Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) at this point, it can’t be anything good.

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Legacies</em>” class=”article-attached-image-img b-lazy” data-src=”||” height=”1380″ src=”” title=”Danielle Rose Russell, Legacies​” width=”2070″>Danielle Rose Russell, LegaciesPhoto: Guy D’Alema, Guy D’Alema/The CW

To add yet another complication, while at Selah’s house, Landon “accidentally” stole another key to Malivore in the form of an Egyptian urn, hence another monster, this time a green, gooey mer-man. Said mer-man didn’t manage to throw the urn into the black tar pit that is Malivore’s creepy portal, but Selah did manage to throw herself in in an attempt to protect Landon from whatever intelligence agency is operating under the name of Triad Industries. In her defense, the totally-not-a-gas-leak-guy who works for them seems pretty terrifying.

Naturally, that wiped Selah from everyone’s memory; everyone except Hope Mikaelson for some reason. Landon lost all his memories of his mom, and Alaric lost that key bit of info that Landon’s got a baddy for a daddy, but for whatever reason, Hope managed to keep her memories of their time with Selah (and that hot little makeout session with Landon in the motel room). Could it be because she’s a tribrid and therefore a totally new kind of monster Malivore can’t control? Or was it some other supernatural phenomenon?

More and more, we’re starting to wonder whether Malivore isn’t a person as well as a place. Someone has to be sending these monsters after the keys, and someone or something has got to be in charge of this hell dimension, right? If so, could that monster be Landon’s dad? And here we thought having Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) as a father was complicated…

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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